Book Review: Beastkeeper by Cat Hellisen

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) Published Feb. 3, 2015 208 Pages
Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
Published Feb. 3, 2015
208 Pages

Every few months Sarah and her parents move, chasing after the sun, because her mother hates the cold. But one day her mother decides to leave and never come back.

Now Sarah, more lonely than she has ever been, is forced to move in with her parents and there she discovers the curse that her family is plagued with. The day Sarah falls in love for the first time she will turn into a beast . . . unless she breaks the curse.

You almost forget that a good book for Young Adults can be writte`n without sexual tension or even dramatic romances. This book reminded me that it is possible for a retelling to simply tell a story th`t believes in love with insta lust/love.

So to the story. At first I was skeptical because Sarah really doesn’t have much personality. But as reading the story, I can see why. The obvious is her parents are constantly moving from the cold she can’t make not even a single friend; all she has is her parents.  So Sarah doesn’t really develop til much later in the book, which for me is unfortunate because she makes some interesting choices that I had to do a “really?” on.

This story is extremely creative, it is not the typical beauty and the beast story. It deals less with the original fairy tale and it creates its own. It was written with care and love. Although the story wasn’t predictable, I feel it was too easy of a story. What I mean is things weren’t every exciting throughout the story. Sarah constantly accepted things especially when they didn’t turn out how she wanted. The turn of events wasn’t as spectacular as I had hoped they would be. Things went pretty smoothly even then ending . . . things went rather smoothly and with content.

I love the fact that there was clear signs of a beginning middle and end but they were extremely clear.

Beyond all of this . . .  I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick and original read. I recommend to everyone.

4 Pickles


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