Manga Review: Secret, Vol. 1 by Yoshiki Tonogai

Yen Press Published Jan. 20, 2015 208 Pages
Yen Press
Published Jan. 20, 2015
208 Pages

Six survivors of a bus accident discover that maybe the tragic lost of their classmates and teacher wasn’t a accident at all and that three of the survivors are actually murderers. 

The murderers have one week to think over their crimes and answer for them before they are turned over to the police but when everyone has a secret, how do you know who is telling the truth?

I have walked passed the manga at the bookstore for a while now because it didn’t seem that interesting. But I decided to try it and the end result is . . . it was alright.

The thing about the story line is it is really vague for most of the part. You instantly know that there are murders in the group; there is no build up to that. You also instantly know ironically all six survivors indirectly or directly had something to do with who died; not as in classmates but on the day of the accident everyone made decisions that changed some things.

So after that the build up was lack luster. There isn’t enough mystery surrounding any of the survivors for me to be at the end of my seat or for me even to consider this a great who done it story.

When things started moving a bit faster, it still didn’t make the book exciting because there as no build up to it. You knew as reading it that someone was going to slip however, the person that did slip was unexpected but in a way that you scratch your head thinking why? The author focuses on three other characters so much in this first novel that not only do you forget about the other three you also think they really have nothing to do with what happened.

It was a weak way to surprise the readers.

The artwork other than the creepy bunny heads was average; nothing stood out.

Overall this wasn’t a horrible manga nor was it really good either. I can’t say I am unhappy to have read it but it wouldn’t had made a difference on my shelf. Will I read volume two . . . yes. I have a rule to give mangas or graphic novels at least two readings before I completely cut them off my list.

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