Manga Review: Annarasumanara (안나라수마나라 #1-3) by Ha Il Kwon

Naver Published May 28, 2010 Ebook
Published May 28, 2010

Yoon Ah-ee is struggling to feed herself and her sister. After her mother abandons them and her father disappears, Yoon is at the end of her rope. 

But by chance, Yoon goes to the abandoned amusement park, where rumor has it a magician lives there with the ability to make someone disappear. From this point on . . . nothing is the same.

This manga is a can of emotions waiting for someone to crack its spine (or turn on the ebook).

Firstly, the artwork is different. This may be the wrong term but it  feels like the artist used some different mediums. I definitely know that different line techniques was used. What was really cool about this is it played off emotions extremely well. Some parts were goofy and other parts was just tugging at the heart strings.

The relationship between Yoon and the magician is interesting. It is because at one point you think there will be a romance and the other part you’re like what is there relationship. They both seem to need each other but there is so much back and forth on Yoon’s part that it is a bit confusing. Also at one point you think of a love triangle but quickly realize that isn’t the case and I appreciated that.

It always emotional to read when someone is living to the point they cannot take care of themselves or their family members but this book was tough (not to get through) because the magician begins to unfold and its emotional. You really don’t know what happens to the magician at the end and that bothers me because he was such an important character that I needed closure. . .  like I really need it.

Yoon fights between being an adult and dreaming. There are certain things that she wants but she knows that she can’t get it without letting go of responsibility to her sister.

This manga was in depth, emotional, creative and just attention grabbing.

Overall, 4 Pickles 

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