NetGalley Review: Bone Deep by Kim O’Brien

Spencer Hill Contemporary  To Be Published May 19, 2015 242 Pages
Spencer Hill Contemporary
To Be Published May 19, 2015
242 Pages

Paige Patterson travels to Arizona to visit her archaeologist father during the summer as part of her parents divorce agreement. Angry at her parents split, Paige doesn’t understand why they divorced nor why her father picked up and left them.

So when she arrives she doesn’t expect her best friend, Emily, who she secretly envies and hates at the dig site nor a crush to develop on the project manager’s son. Everything is going smoothly, but when Emily goes missing and Paige’s father doesn’t have alibi, Paige goes out to discover the truth. 

Paige is one of those teenagers that are angry at not being in the loop. Her whole issue for most of the book is ‘I don’t understand’ ‘How could you’ blah blah. I can’t say that she isn’t justified but the brat attitude got annoying very fast.

This book was a bit hard to read because of the constant back and forth and attitude Paige had with her father and her “best friend.” She couldn’t stand Emily and hated the fact she was close with her father and doing something Paige at one point wanted to do.

I couldn’t get past her. Although the pace of the book was well thought out and I actually loved the idea of a mystery surrounding a archaeology dig. I liked the conflict within this book. Not the conflict between supposedly best friends, but the one between family and new relationship.

But this book wasn’t for me. It missed a lovable or even justifiable character. Paige was basis against her father and it was proven at the end of the book. Her mother’s mistakes were forgiven faster than the father and I didn’t enjoy that because a lot goes on regarding trust within this book and how things went about didn’t flow with Paige’s anger.

Overall, although this wasn’t a breakout read for me. I know quite a bit of people who would love it.

2.5 Pickles


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