NetGalley Review: Wishes and Sorrow (Myth and Magic) by Cindy Lynn Speer

Dragonwell Publishing  Published Aug. 10, 2014 312 Pages
Dragonwell Publishing
Published Aug. 10, 2014
312 Pages

A collections of short stories ranging from magical, horror and emotional.

At first I was unaware that this was a collection of short stories. The way it was presented doesn’t give way to short story nor does the layout of the book give the impression of short story.

But once I realized that this was a collection, everything fell into place.

My favorite short in this book was The Bell Witch and the Queen of Vines. This short is everything the title stands for. The magic of each character was developed but this story was rushed and it didn’t need to be. There needed to be more even if it is a short story it lacked in complete development. It would have been better off as either a novella or a full a novel. There was a lot of potential there.

Throughout the entire collection the author shows talent as well as a deep appreciation for fairy tales especially in Every Word I Speak. But the issue with all these stories is they are rushed and felt incomplete. There was no satisfaction at then end of each story. I wanted more from the characters and from the author.

Overall I think it was a good enough and shows potential in the author in the retelling genre but some stories shouldn’t have been short while others shouldn’t have been published without more work.

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