Book Review: A Bad Character by Deepti Kapoor

Knopf Published Jan. 20, 2015 256 Pages
Published Jan. 20, 2015
256 Pages

A young girl, 20 years old lives in New Delhi with her aunt after her mother dies and her father abandons her. 

One afternoon, at her favorite cafe, she meets an older man, who just relocated back to India from New York City.  Desperate for a new experience and a reason to live, she embarks on a love affair that breaks and shapes her.

This book is written in verse. So it is like reading snippets of events that happen in this young girls life. I had issues with this because it was boring. The girl really doesn’t have much personality which she explains why her man was able to create the perfect woman of his dreams.

She just takes it . . . anything that comes to her from him, her aunt or anyone, she just takes it. I get why the author went into that direction to show the influence this man has over her and how it ultimately shapes the woman she becomes.  I really liked this concept but the way the book was written was what ruin the story for me.

It was slow and it kept darting between the past and the present a little too much for me. I lost focus and the appeal of a young girl being influenced by an older man started to lose its affects.

Although I was bored, the author’s word flowed and they were beautiful. If there was more of a poetic focus to this instead of snippets then I would be falling in love with this read.

Overall, the plot, the setting and the pace wasn’t horrible and I like the story but it could have been better.

2 Pickles


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