NetGalley Review: Don’t Stay Up Late by R.L. Stine

St. Martin's Griffin To Be Published April 17, 2015 304 Pages
St. Martin’s Griffin
To Be Published April 17, 2015
304 Pages

After the car accident that left her father dead and her mother in a case, Lisa has been haunted by nightmares and is forced to see a doctor.

When her doctor suggests for Lisa to take a job baby sitting, she immediately find a position watching a young boy on fear street. But what she thought would be easy money turned out to be the biggest mistake of her life. 

I love R. L. Stine. I am a loyal fan for life but that doesn’t mean that I will always love his stuff. The thing about this read is that it was good but I would love it more if I was 13 years old.

Lisa isn’t really like-able. She was a brat before the accident and a brat after. She also couldn’t tell the truth for the life of her, which is interesting because the only thing she felt comfortable telling anyone was the monsters she sees.

Another issue I had with this book was the “romance.” I feel that it was added to appeal to Young Adults but it was as lackluster and felt forced. Lisa made it seem as if she was forced to be with him. There was also an issue with all the relationships. I didn’t understand why Lisa or any of the characters are friends. It doesn’t feel like a friendship there is no emotions no love within it.

Also the book was misleading. You feel that Lisa’s nightmares are tied into what she thinks she sees but that isn’t the case. I felt that this read although filled my need for a R.L. Stine it didn’t meet the expectations of a horror book.

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