NetGalley Review: The Astrologer’s Daughter by Rebecca Lim

Text Publishing Published July 9, 2014 364 Pages
Text Publishing
Published July 9, 2014
364 Pages

Avicenna Crowe is the daughter to the astrologer named Joanne, whose powers are well known and has had the horrible experience of being stalked. 

Now missing, Avicenna must find her mother. The police are not moving fast enough so Avicenna who has inherited her mother’s ability must work reluctantly with Simon Thorn to put the pieces together of not only her mother’s disappearance but also Avicenna’s past.

Books that start off great are really starting to scare me. Why? Because they fall off and then keep falling down this never ending hill.

Avicenna is an interesting character because she isn’t shaped by her experiences. She doesn’t have a personality. She lives and breathes her mother.  It was frustrating because I understand the dynamics of a single family home but this 17 year old didn’t want to do or be anything other than under her mother.

For the life of me I couldn’t understand the purpose of Simon. Neither respected or liked each other for that matter and yet they were together.  Nothing happens in this book for a while and all Avicenna does is whine.

What I did appreciate about this book was the mystery surrounding Avicenna’s mother. That woman knows how to hold water and cover her tracks. This was the only thing that kept the book going. Avicenna was a mess, Simon was a jerk and a complicated mess as well.

The setting in this novel was detailed and I appreciated the craft the author put into it as well as the diversity (set in Chinatown).

But this book wasn’t for me. The characters weren’t for me. The nothing happening wasn’t for me.

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