NetGalley Review: Heart of Ice by Sibelle Stone

Self Published Published Feb. , 2015 213 Pages
Self Published
Published Feb. , 2015
213 Pages

Lucinda Stafford is not an average governess. With almost no experience with children, she leaves her life of comfort to prove to her father that she isn’t a spoiled brat and can take care of herself. So when opportunity arises, Lucinda takes a job to care for two energetic children.

Grayson Thorne isn’t what you call a neglectful father. With only weeks to prove his geothermal plant can generate electricity, he hires Lucinda but is thrown of his tracks when he becomes attracted to her. 

When an ancient evil awakes and threatens the peace that the town has come to love what will Lucinda and Grayson do for the sake of the children as well as their growing love?

This was such a cute book. I love the fact that the romance was able to really show in this book without the heavy sexual acts. What I loved about this was how simple it really was. It wasn’t overly dramatic or heavy with the unnecessary. It focused on two adults who weren’t childish about their emotions and who always put the children first.

Lucinda is extremely intelligent and not one of those women who need to constantly remind you of her intelligence. For me that is what makes her beautiful because she didn’t need to try. Even when taking care of the children it was something that flowed. The author did a really good job making this character seem effortless.

As for Grayson, he was okay. There was nothing spectacular about him in the sense of all the other typical leading men in historical romances. Just a guy that still grieving his wife and the decisions he didn’t make. I liked the fact that he was a regular guy not a bad boy.

The flow of the book was good and I have no idea why the author threw in the folklore. It was mentioned briefly in some parts of the book so I was extremely surprised that out of no where there comes some beast ruining everyone’s life.  I felt disappointed because there really wasn’t any need for it.

Overall, I really liked this book.

3 Pickles.

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