NetGalley Review: The Thorn and The Sinking Stone by CJ Dushinski

Entangled Teen  Published March 9, 2015 247 Pages
Entangled Teen
Published March 9, 2015
247 Pages

Four families, Two Daggers, Black Roses, The Boatman, and Cowboys all want to rule Rain City and through violence and constant blood shed they will achieve this. Valencia Hara, Princess of the wealthy Black Roses, is trained to be the fiercest warrior the world has ever known and with her curse (being able to see seconds into the future) she is the deadliest. 

That is until she meets Sebastian Leold of the Two Daggers family. Determined to avenge his father’s death, Sebastian must battle Valencia but the two share a secret that they didn’t think would surface nor bring them together.

Romeo and Juliet but without the suicide. This read started off pretty good. Bad ass girl who for all purposes is strong despite being forced to being strong.

However, this portrayal doesn’t stick really the moment she meets Sebastian which isn’t that far from the beginning of the book. I was hopeful for some time but Valencia was the damsel in distress all the time. She couldn’t save herself for anything and I was having a hard time believing she was this great warrior everyone was risking their lives for.

Sebastian was the knight every time. His love for her was pretty much instant, which was surprising kind of. I liked though. He was pretty much written cut and dry. He was extremely loyal and content with his decisions regarding to Valencia.

Neither one of them had a grand memorable personality. I felt that Valencia could have been so much more especially given the description of her. Despite these character issues this wasn’t a bad book. The author was able to tell a really good story that keeps you wanting for more. The pace was great. I didn’t get bored but there wasn’t much blood shed going on between the families more like a outside party trying to keep control of the city.

Overall, I would keep reading from this author and a second book. I hope for character development.

2.5 Pickles

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