Manga Review: Resident Evil, Vol 1: The Marhawa Desire by Capcom (Creator), Naoki Serizawa

VIZ Media LLC Published Nov. 18 2014 176 Pages
Published Nov. 18 2014
176 Pages

*Prequel to Resident Evil 6 game*

At elite an Marhawa High School in Singapore, a student is infected and is suffering from a horrific transformation. As a favor to the headmaster, Professor Doug Wright and his nephew Ricky attend this school in order to help with the outbreak.

But they are unaware that Chris Redfield and his team from the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance are looking for Wright and are close behind.

I am a fan of resident evil. So this book was an immediate grab. Let’s talk about the artwork first.

Graphic, bloody the definition of zombie horror. There was also great care in details not just in the gore but in all of the characters. No one look exactly the same and there wasn’t cliche Japanese characters either.

What I liked about the story line was that it didn’t leave you in the dark. Even if you don’t know the original story you don’t feel as if you are completely missing things. The relationship between Chris and Professor Wright is interesting and I am hoping that volume two will explain more because for the life of me I don’t fully understand why Chris wanted to see Wright.

The thing about this volume is it opens the door for a lot of possibilities for what can happen next and I feel not only will it have to do with the past but with Ricky. There was a really good flow of characters, creepiness and excitement in this volume.

Overall 3 Pickles 

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