Book Review: Angels Cry: A Novella by Tina Glasneck

Vie La Publishing House, LLC Published Dec. 30, 2013
Vie La Publishing House, LLC
Published Dec. 30, 2013

Peter Lazarus is an undercover cop that sacrifices the world for his job. Going by the name Shane Sterns, Peter is trying to get the dirt on a notorious gang that running the East Coast.

But when he walks in to Charlie, the woman he married while undercover and then deserted, at a nightclub things turn very quickly.

Charlie a woman who had things so right at one point is now a dancer, on drugs with an abusive “boyfriend” from the same gang Peter is trying to get information on.

The past, present and future collide when Charlie and Peter are reacquainted again. 

The idea of this book is a really great concept. Even as a novella the passion that is felt the moment the book begins is what drives a reader (me) to keep reading. However, the characters were dry. What made the story passionate was the drive but what the story dry was the lack of personality of the characters. Also the lack of understanding. Charlie did a complete 180 on her life. I understand that she was lonely needed help and comfort but I couldn’t wrap my mind around it.

I also felt there was no complete development. Yes this is a novella and it is short but there still needs to be something deeper and I didn’t feel anything for this novella.

Again the concept was there and it was an interesting story to tell but the ending didn’t provide closure or even a likeness for either character. They both were extremely selfish and had a one track mind.

Overall, 2 Pickles.

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