NetGalley Review: Gates of Thread and Stone (#1) by Lori M. Lee

Skyscape Published Aug. 5, 2014 335 Pages
Published Aug. 5, 2014
335 Pages

17 year old Kai has the ability to manipulate time. Found when she was 8 years old by Reeve, her “brother” Kai has been desperately trying to hide her secret and try to get her and her brother away from the garbage neighbor they call home.

But one day Reeve disappears. Kai needs to find him at any cost and with the help of her friend Avan, she leaves her home in search for answers and her brother.

 Pretty cover . . . beautiful cover. Not the most amazing book I’ve read.

Here is my issue with this book. Kai. There is nothing more to her other than her unsure emotions for Avan and trying to find Kai. I can’t really say if she is witty, funny or even talented. She seems very ditzy at times. One thing I will give her is loyal by a freaking fault.

I believed that this story was going to be amazing. But it fell due to the fact that Kai didn’t really know anything other than Reeve and what not to do. I also disagree with how we (readers) are first introduced to her power. One moment she was strong and you felt her power not only with her ability but her mental strength but it wasn’t true.

What I did like about the book was how the author was able to add new elements without it seeming too far fetch.  Things flowed and it had a proper place just the main character isn’t something I can’t get over.

I do plan on reading book two because there is something special about this book and I am hoping for character development.

2 Pickles.

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