Adult Book Review: Debbie Doesn’t Do it Anymore by Walter Mosley

DoubleDay Published May 13, 2014 272 Pages
Published May 13, 2014
272 Pages

Debbie Dare is loved,adored and obsessed over by men she knows and doesn’t know. Wearing a blonde wig and blue contacts she is considered the Queen of Pornography. But one day changes her life. Experiencing an unexpected orgasm, she returns home to find her husband has dead in the most unpleasant way with an aspiring actress. 

Now drowning in unforeseen debt Debbie quits the porn industry but must deal those trying to collect. On a mission for redemption and to wash away grief, Debbie returns to her estranged family as well as to the child she was forced to give up.  

I love when authors talk about forbidden topics. African American porn stars is one of those topics you rarely hear about. So I appreciate this.

What I love about this book was how everything made sense. Nothing seemed really fair fetch other than Debbie’s lack of emotion for pretty much everything. I like how the author was able to not focus too much on her pornographic career and more on the what now. It was able to make Debbie’s story realistic but not without a twist of fantasy to keep the book going.

When I say fantasy I don’t mean in the terms of witches and wizards but in the terms of gangsters, fights and life threatening situations. This is a form of fantasy to me because I live a quiet life in suburbia.

None the less, what I didn’t like about this book was Debbie’s almost zero personality. She had no real emotion to things. Yes, that is a form of grieving but she was just a blank slate to everything. I also thought it was weird that she was considering suicide but not because she thought it but because someone else did.

I thought this was a creative read, a bit slow and maybe a basic ending but everything was there. Overall,

3.5 Pickles.

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