NetGalley Review: My Daylight Monster (Mary Hades #0.5) by Sarah Dalton

Createspace Published Oct. 2013 124 Pages
Published Oct. 2013
124 Pages

Mary is going through a difficult time (to say the least). Her psychiatrist has just advised her that staying at a psychiatric unit for a short time could be the cure she is looking for. Highly unlikely for Mary but when she meets the other patients she begins to have hope that is until everyone begins dying at an alarming rate.

Mary knows that there is something deeper going on and she is the only person to stop it . . . that is if she can deal with her own monsters.

Firstly, this cover is pretty but extremely misleading to the story (it should be a lot darker). But anyway, this was a good novella.

It was perfect in the sense of length and information. What I mean by information is back-story.  By the end of the book I knew Mary and her issues. I was satisfied with her development and slight growth.

Mary in the beginning was hard for me to like because there was no understand at all to what her problem was.  Even reading it I still can’t see why she was in the psychiatric center anyway because there was truly nothing wrong. But despite that I did appreciate the underlying point to Mary’s story. Yes, there is a lesson at the end and it was a really good one in regards to mental health (which seems to be a constant topic lately).

What I really enjoyed about this book was the flow. Dalton has a good sense of time in which she doesn’t allow the back-story to become the complete story, therefore not causing a dull and boring scenery.

Because this book is a novella, it was a quick read and a good start to an interesting series,

Overall, 3.5 Pickles

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