NetGalley Review: Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile

Pamela Dorman Books Published Jan. 1, 2014 384 Pages
Pamela Dorman Books
Published Jan. 1, 2014
384 Pages

Charley Bordelon’s father has left her 800 acres of sugarcane land in Louisiana. At a chance to start over, she and her daughter leaves behind Los Angles to work for a what is consider a white man’s job and to live with her judgmental grandmother.

Completely lost in what she is doing Charley must deal with a homesick (rude ass) daughter, her half-brother, who she hasn’t seen in over ten years and desires she didn’t think she still had on top a down on its luck farm.

This book was very good idea. However, it was a dry read. Not much is really going on in this book really until the last few chapters.

Baszile has talent as a writer. It is there within the development of characters, scenery and the relationships between whites and blacks in the South.

But Charley does a lot of complaining, a lot of break downs, unsure-ness and a lot of allowing people to walk over her. It was hard to continue reading because I cannot say that I like her or for the most part any of the characters in this book.

Her brother was an ass and felt that everyone should bow down to him because he almost did something. Her Grandmother was too much. I understand her position in the family but it was a bit overkill that if she didn’t have it her way you was the worst human on this earth. Finally, her daughter needed to get her ass kick. Rude and disrespectful characters not just children is a huge pet peeve of mine and man that girl was horrible.

I feel that this book had so much to offer but there was too much down time and not enough issues for a lack of better term to fill the gaps. There also wasn’t enough back-story into the family, the father or even Charley.

Overall, 2 Pickles.

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