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NetGalley Review: The Vanishing Girl (The Vanishing Girl #1) by Laura Thalassa

Lavabrook Publishing Group  Published March 14, 2014 338 Pages

Lavabrook Publishing Group
Published March 14, 2014
338 Pages

When Ember Pierce goes to sleep she teleports. She can go to anywhere in the world but only for ten minutes. Once the time is up she is back her in bed and for the past five years she has been able to hide this fact.

Until her she turns 18 and is captured by Caden, a handsome boy who just like Ember can teleport.  Sent to a remote facility, Ember and her new partner Caden are trained to do the government’s biding. But Ember is biding time for a escape but falling in love my make that difficult.

There are books out there in the world that makes you a hit a wall and at that wall you know things are going downhill. Well. . .  this was one of those books, which is sad because it start off well enough.

My biggest issue is how can you fall in love with the creeper who purposely tries to see you naked each and everyday (and succeeds)? In what world is that okay? Another issue which isn’t as big as the first one but still crap is Ember’s personality is horrible. She complains constantly, she cannot adapt, she doesn’t care to learn, nor cares to have some confidence and then have the nerve to be upset when things go wrong.

I felt her relationship with Caden was nothing but lust. She had no ambition to achieve or even use what she is taught to change her life. She was given the facts, the motivation to kick ass and nothing.

I credit the author for her ability to write because she is able to put a really clear image in my head. She was consistence with flow of time as well as the pace of the book.  This book was full of potential but characters, character development and some really wtf moments made this book a no.

1 Pickle.

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