Book Review: The Rose Master by Valentina Cano

REUTS Publications, LLC Published June 2014 200 Pages
REUTS Publications, LLC
Published June 2014
200 Pages

Anne Tinning isn’t having the best birthday. First birds fall from the sky and then to make matters worst she is being dismissed from her current position as a maid, a position she had since she was a child, and being sent to an isolated run down house as a parlor maid.

Beyond the isolation there is something wrong with Rosewood Manor. Staffed with only three servants, the house is full of fear and tension; the master is cold and withdrawn (almost never seen) but the most horrifying thing is there a creature that walks through the house terrorizing everyone but more frequently Anne.

Determined to get to the bottom of this, Anne must find the truth about her master as well as herself.

This was a nice attempt that went wrong very fast.  So forgive me, this will be a short review.

Anne was drone. No personal, no growth nothing. Everything was yes, sir throughout the whole book was yes sir. For most of the book nothing happened; there was way too much vagueness and it was predictable. I believe that if you are going to call a book gothic there needs to be more than just a creepy spirit or house or just flat out darkness and cold. There needs to be horror there needs to be descriptive words that make me chill.

The second biggest problem I have with this book is the “romance.” Love comes in different forms and ways but what Anne and the Master have for each other doesn’t even feel like lust for that matter. There is just no real emotion that pours out thru their actions or even the words the author uses.

Overall the story could have been amazing, I wouldn’t had even mind if it was longer. But there was way too much downtime, it wasn’t descriptive enough and it didn’t provide the horror affect I was looking for.

1 Pickle.

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