Manga Review: Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ishida

Glénat  Published Sept. 27, 2013 224 Pages
Published Sept. 27, 2013
224 Pages

Tokyo has a ghoul problem. Ghouls who eat humans in order to Haise Sasaki, the number one ghoul investigator, is working as the leader of The Quinx Squad in order to eliminate this threat to society. 

This wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. When you talk about ghouls, especially flesh eating ghouls, you expect a certain type of horror, blood and gore. But this first book didn’t really provide that.

It provided a decent back-story, not necessarily where ghouls from. It is a bit of a touch and go. However, what I did like about this manga was the creativity in regards to the ghouls and some of their everyday life.

Yes, it did leave a lot (seriously a lot) to the imagination,  which is a good thing because this is a pretty long series. But based off what I read, I am sensing some predictability not in the whole series but in certain aspects.

As for the artwork, it was creepy but there wasn’t enough detail in the gore. There are scenes but if there is a state of emergency, there should be more even if it is the first book in the series.

Overall, it worth continuing

2.5 Pickles

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