Book Review: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (The Inheritance Trilogy #1) by N.K. Jemisin

Hachette Book Group Orbit Published Feb. 25, 2010 427 Pages
Hachette Book Group Orbit
Published Feb. 25, 2010
427 Pages

Yeine Darr lives as an outcast in the North. But that all changes when her mother dies of mysterious circumstance and Yeine is summoned to the city of Sky. 

Here at the city of Sky, Yeine meets her Grandfather who not only banished Yeine’s mother before she was born but has officially named Yeine an heir to his kingdom. Not easily won over, the city of Sky holds secrets of Yeine, her mother and the mysterious beings that have the power to change life as everyone knows it. 

In my reading journey, it is rare for me to find an alright story that has an amazing word play. Sounds weird but think of it this way and alright restaurant but has that one amazing factor that keeps you going. That restaurant is this book.

Yeine is a love hate character. When she is good, she is good but the moment she is down she is there for a while. There was no real consistency with her. I couldn’t tell if she wanted to be badass or just was an ass. Yeine had very strong moments when involving her mother but the moment she got resistance she backed down.

I loved the fact that she was sexually empowered and knew what she wanted and didn’t want but I feel that she could have been so much more. The supporting characters were interesting. I was confused in the beginning of the book as in to what exactly they were and their justifications but after a while that was cleared up.

The best thing about this book is the author is amazing at descriptions. How she described each character, the scenery and the emotions going around was amazing. The image in my mind was crystal clear and this is literally what kept me holding on to this book til the end. It was beautiful how she wrote this story.

But my issue with this story is there is way too much down time for what seems to be a bit of an action packed book. Yeine is fighting to become ruler of city of Sky and for most of the book is a lot of her running around doing almost nothing. So disappointing especially after reading the first two chapters you are on the edge of your seat waiting for the good stuff.

Overall, I can’t be too upset with this book because it wasn’t a bad read and my goodness I can’t get those beautiful pictures in my mind.

3 Pickles.

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