NetGalley Review: Enchantment Lake: A Northwoods Mystery by Margi Preus

 Univ Of Minnesota Press To Be Published March 15, 2015 200 Pages
Univ Of Minnesota Press
To Be Published March 15, 2015
200 Pages

When 17-year-old Francie receives a disturbing phone call from her Aunts, she drops everything she is doing including an audition at Manhattan Theater, to travel to her Aunts’ home at a remote lake in Northwoods. 

Once there Francie begins to see what has her Aunts are so distressed; their neighbors are dying in the rapids and although labeled as “accidents” Francie isn’t so sure. Now on the mission to save her Aunts and the neighbors left alive, Francie takes on the case but in the process finds out truths to her own’s life mystery. 

A mystery within a mystery is the best way to describe this book. What I wouldn’t describe it as is the new version of Nancy Drew.

Francie is a interesting character. She is because it took a while to actually see her personality and even then there wasn’t much there. Francie was frustrated throughout the entire book, nothing really gave her much peace or some kind of light except a boy.

What I did like about Francie was how honest she was with herself. I felt that this was a breathe of fresh air that not many teenagers in YA book usually have. It made her a more deal-able character.

The idea of a mystery on a remote island was something I was so excited for. Remote island screams mystery and I was disappointed because although the final conclusion wasn’t predictable, it was a bit of a boring read.  There wasn’t enough mystery to this novel; people were dying under mysterious circumstances, yes! But the reason they were dying was seen within the first two chapters and there was really nothing more to it other than finding the person that did it.

I wanted more. I wanted so much more from this book and the potential is there. The story was told smoothly, at a very good pace and with some decent development. Overall, it could have so much better than this.

2 Pickles.

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