Book Review: Insanity (Mad in Wonderland #1) by Cameron Jace

CreateSpace Published Dec 19, 2013 254 Pages
Published Dec 19, 2013
254 Pages

Its been two years since the accidental killing of her classmates and Alice Wonder is a patient in the Radcliffe Lunatic Asylum. She knows she insane, so does everyone around her; except hookah-smoking Professor Caterpillar, who believes Alice can be proven sane if she helps find the modern day wonderland monsters.

Posing as a college student during the day and going back to asylum at night, Alice must find a monster, while also trying to decider what is sane and insane. 

The summary makes this book seem a bit lame. However, it is January 8, 2015 and this is the best book I have read so far this year.

Alice is going through a lot. Due to medications and shock therapy, she doesn’t remember anything about her past and for the most part she doesn’t really want to remember.  I liked Alice because what made her special wasn’t the fact that she may be THEE Alice but she was her own person. She grew, she was witty and she was determined . . . whether determined to find the truth or not, she was a determined girl.

I also liked how Jace put all the characters from wonderland into this modern world. It didn’t seem far fetched at all; it made sense and it flowed very nicely into this story. This made it so much easier to read. Each character had their own develops which I loved. There wasn’t overlapping views, love triangles or unnecessary issues in which the author tries to add fluff to the story.

However, I have two issues with this book. Firstly, there were some predictability not with Alice directly but with the surrounding characters. They were roll your eye moments that were spotted even before it began. My second issue with this book is the line between sane and insane. Alice is constantly going through this battle but you really don’t see it cross reality until the end. I felt that it wasn’t placed well because this is an issue throughout the whole book and it shouldn’t had affected “reality” towards the end.

None the less, I thought this was an amazing read and Jace wrote so well and creativity I want to look more into Lewis Carroll.

4 Pickles.

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