New Adult Book Review: Fevered Souls (Fevered Souls #1) by S.K. Falls

Self Published Published Aug. 5, 2013 358 Pages
Self Published
Published Aug. 5, 2013
358 Pages

Cara is back in her home town; Eden, North Carolina and she hates it. Fresh out of college, Cara has returned to find a job, save some money and leave as quickly as she came.

But when she meets Dax Allard during a job interview, she realizes her life will never be the same. Because Dax on top of that gorgeous beauty has a secret . . . a secret that Cara just so happens to stumble upon. 

There was a lot of things wrong with this book but there were some really good things that as a reviewer I cannot overlook.

Firstly, Cara and Dax are as cliche bull crap as you could get. Cara and Dax are instant “love” at first site. I give Dax a pass because Dax technically imprinted on her because he is a beast like that. As much as I go back and forth regarding that I am okay with it.

But I am not okay with Cara. Foolish isn’t the proper word for her because she just jumps right in; even if her questions were never answered (it didn’t take long for Dax to give it up the answers) she still would have went along with it all. I am not a fan of Cara. She shows little common sense and complete disregard for getting out of Eden the moment she meets Dax.

Although I give Dax a pass on love at first site, Dax is a beast (not in a good way). He is way too possessive and has the traits of a abuser; its not cute.  You can only say I was worried about you for so long.

But with all my heart I can honestly say, I like the way Falls write a story. Yes, the characters and their “love” is slack but she was able to tell the story smoothly without me wanting to throw my kindle against the wall. Falls wrote pretty well. The shortcomings were huge but you can see the talent as you read the book. Don’t get me wrong there were parts that I rolled my eyes but I kept reading because the potential there was really good.

The biggest issue I have is the ending. It bad. Abruptly ending is not the same as ending a story. Conclusions are hard (trust me I know) but stopping in what seem like mid-thought shows a lack of creativity and effort to finish something right.

Overall this was an okay read. I may actually read book two.

2 Pickles.

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