NetGalley Review: The Donor (The Full Novella) by Nikki Rae

Self-Published Published Oct. 30, 2014 115 Pages (EBook)
Published Oct. 30, 2014
115 Pages (EBook)

After her father’s accident 18 year old Casey Williams and her family have to move into a trailer home. Her mother is over working herself and it still isn’t enough to keep the lights on. To make matters worst, Casey is having headaches and nose bleeds and the medical bills are piling up. 

But when she joins MYTRUEMATCH.COM, Casey is able to find a man who helps pay her bills and is nothing short of the perfect man for her. But as her symptoms get worst and her feelings grow for a man who seems uninterested, Casey finds herself stuck in wanting to do whatever it takes for her family or leaving the man with too many secrets.


Really rich gentleman, who happens to be a vampire, who happens to have a huge heart and is a sucker for defenseless girls. NOPE.

This is a novella, so it was a really quick read. I am thankful for that. It felt as if the author was just writing this to be writing this.  There was no real conflict, no character development not even a great description of the scenery.

Casey is broke and dying. . .  that is all there is to her. Her rich vampire is using her not only for her blood but for other things that he wouldn’t had told her if she didn’t happen to stubble upon some things.

This entire book was a pity party. Casey pitied herself and her vampire pitied her. Love between them? Might as well be nonexistent. There was no passion in either one of them, there was no passion in the writing either. It felt like the author was throwing things in to appeal to all types of readers; the vampire lover, the sad story, the unconventional love, online dating and the sacrifice.

Although I love some of those aspects, the author didn’t execute them well and it was too much for a novella.

1 Pickle.

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