Book Review: In Real Life by Cory Doctorow & Jen Wang (Illustrator)

First Second Published Oct. 14, 2014 176 Pages
First Second
Published Oct. 14, 2014
176 Pages

After a class presentation, Anda begins playing Coarsegold Onlin, a multiplayer role paying online game. She falls deeply in love with the game using all her free time to make friends and save the virtual world. 

But when she becomes friends with a gold farmer, a poor Chinese boy who collects special items in the game and sells them illegally in real life in order to make money, Anda doesn’t know how to deal with what is right and wrong in the virtual world and real life.

What was really cool about this book was how easy it was to relate to it. The balance of living in the real world and “living” in a really cool virtual world sometimes is a bit hard (speaking of experience).

Anda is a bit of an awkward girl so she is still trying to find her place in school, so getting into videos games to make a difference as a girl gamer is something she easily gets into.  I liked the fact that Anda knew the difference of right and wrong and didn’t need to have some kind of dramatic event in her life to realize that something was wrong.

The storyline was great. Detailed, involved and reasonable. A simple story, yes but it wasn’t dumbed down and it showed a passion for not only gaming but for life, balance and respect for yourself and others.  I didn’t mind the lack of excitement because there is a bigger point to this story.

The artwork was done very well. It wasn’t done in a extreme fashion and it was much more realistic than I expected it to be.

Even if you are not a gamer this is still a good and quick read.

5 Pickles

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