NetGalley Review: Chimera (Chimera #1) by Phil Gomm

Troubador Publishing Ltd Published Oct. 15, 2014 100 Pages (ebook)
Troubador Publishing Ltd
Published Oct. 15, 2014
100 Pages (ebook)

After running away from his impostors posing as his parents, Kyp Finnegan is lost in Chimera. Chimera a dangerous world where lost things are placed and evolve into dangerous creatures. 

With the help of Atticus, a sock snake, Kyp must avoid the biggest danger of them all Madame Chartreuse, who wants to imprison him in Chimera forever.

This wasn’t for me . . . at all.

This book reminded me of the Chronicles of Narina, which I didn’t appreciate at all.  The story just jumped right into Kyp and him becoming lost. The back-story didn’t show up until almost the 6th chapter which causes confusion. I was literally in awe at how I know nothing about the character other than the fact that his parents aren’t really his parents.  Eventually I do come to know about the character but at that point I was just disappointed with the book.

The author doesn’t completely explain Chimera. Yes, I am aware it is a place for lost things and they evolve but something huge was missing and I felt that the author didn’t develop his ideas enough,  The imagination was there and I felt a passion within the author’s words but it felt like a rip off.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy this book. This is not to say that someone else may not like it. It lacked complete originality, character development and a consistent flow and order of ideas.

2 Pickles.

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