NetGalley Review: The Sign of the Black Dagger by Joan Lingard

Floris Books Published Sept. 1, 2014 192 Pages
Floris Books
Published Sept. 1, 2014
192 Pages

Will & Lucy’s dad is missing. In order for them to get their lives back, they begin to follow a set of clues found after finding a book from their ancestors 200 years ago hidden in their fireplace. 

Hoping that this book will lead them to the truth about their father, Will & Lucy embark on a journey that they cannot turn back from. 

I was so excited for this book. It gave the appeal of an age old mystery that is just waiting to be solved by nosy teenagers.

However, this wasn’t that type of book. It was boring. It lacked all the elements of a good mystery which are

1. Interesting characters:  Will & Lucy had no spark to them; no real personality that jumped at you and made you want to cheer them on.

2: Interesting story: by the time the father went missing I didn’t care. For literally, four days all that was talked about was where is dad? The mother was just blah; it was actually hard to describe their relationship. I felt and saw the love the parents had for their father but they took way too long to actually try to find him that I completely lost interest.

Finally 3: Passion. No one in this book seemed passionate about what they were doing. The author seemed to lack passion for the story as well. It was so boring. I cannot describe it any other way.

Overall, disappointed isn’t even the word.

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