Manga Review: Library Wars (Love & War #1) by Kiiro Yumi (Story & Art), Hiro Arikawa (Original concept), Kinami Watabe (Translator)

VIZ Media Published April 5, 2008 186 Pages
VIZ Media
Published April 5, 2008
186 Pages

The Government has decided that to create a committee that gets rid society of books that consider unsuitable for the public.  The library has decided to stand for their books and with the help of the local government they form the Library Forces.

Iku Kasahara wants to be apart of the Library Defense Forces (soldiers) ever since a solider saved her and her prized book. She is almost at her dream until she meets a drill sergeant who seems out to get her. 

Normally, I don’t review the first volume of a manga until after I read volume two. This allows me to see the character development a little more and to make a better decision as to if this would be a good series.

But I could not do it with this one. Iku is a horrible character and I have no idea why she makes it as far as she does. She whines so much about everything. She has great physical strength and she has strong morals that she constantly needs to act on despite the issues it causes to everyone, EVERYONE around her.

When things get to hard she complains about it and someone has to save her ass. She wasn’t a likable character and I honestly believe that everyone has put up with her crap because she is a woman. If it was a man even though he was physically strong, he wouldn’t have had made it far without the smarts.

She was an annoying character. The art work was okay nothing unexpected and nothing wowing. The story itself was a cool idea but Iku killed it.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend it.

 1 Pickle.

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