NetGalley Review: Fairy Tales for Life by Linda Champion

Two Harbors Press Published Sept. 23, 2014
Two Harbors Press
Published Sept. 23, 2014


This is a collections of 14 original short stories. From broke promises, rekindled love and evil stepmothers these fairy tales allow imaginations to run.

I love a good fairy tale. I really love when authors create their own versions and do more than piggy back off certain elements of a fairy tale.

But I didn’t completely fall in love with this collection.

My issue stems from the simplicity of the stores. There was no real depth to the stories. There wasn’t a lot of life or emotion. Just a lot of he left, I have to leave, cry, cry, cry.

I also didn’t like the fact that the author kept having to directly comment to the reader. Saying “and reader” to get their attention or to flow to the next scene isn’t convincing me of the writer’s skill. This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy some of the stories because I did; just the style the author choose isn’t showing much skill.

I know I am listing a lot of faults but what I did about the total collection was how the author tried to keep some of the same elements that fairy tales are known for. The evil stepmother, stepbrother and sister; the fairy with the double motive and the lost love.

I appreciate the fact that the author created her own world and her focus (which was love). It was detailed without being a mess of rambles and it was realistic in the fairy tale stance.

Overall, this was creative but the writing wasn’t creative enough for it to be memorable.

2 Pickles. 



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