Graphic Novel Review: Sisters (Smile # 2) by Raina Telgemeier

GRAPHIX Published Aug. 26,2014 208 Pages
Published Aug. 26,2014
208 Pages

At one point Raina wanted to have a little sister. But when that little sister came things weren’t exactly how she pictured they would be. 

From teasing to fighting, things does not get any better when their brother is born and the household is at a all time high. 

But when things don’t seem right between their parents, Raina and her sister must come terms about their parents and their relationship. 

I read the first book, Smile and it was cute. It was a bit typical of a coming to age graphic novel. But this second book tops the cake.

The relationship between the two sisters is filled with tension. Raina’s little sister is a brat and stays that way up until the end. So I understand the tension. What I like about this story is that is switches from the present to the past very smoothly. I like how it shows the growth of not only the relationship between the sisters but the growth within themselves. You didn’t get too much of Raina because the first book shows her complete growth.

The artwork was clear, detailed; it showed a range of emotion and it wasn’t cliche or a Japanese manga rip off.

Overall, the story was well written and honest which I appreciated.

3 Pickles

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