NetGalley Review: Nihal of the Land of the Wind (Chronicles of the Overworld #1) by Licia Troisi

Mondadori Published May 27, 2014 282 Pages
Published May 27, 2014
282 Pages

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful cover. . . .  . .  I am in love.

Nihal is one of a kind; big violet eyes, pointed ears, blue hair, a love of swords and fighting. With her mother gone, all she has is her father that is until she loses a fight and decides to become the best warrior there can be by becoming a sorceress.

With her best friend (former enemy) Sennar, Nihal tries to become the best she can be. But things change after her land is attacked by the Tyrant and she is forced leave.

Now with the sole purpose to avenge her father and her home, Nihal gets more than what she has bargained for.

I enjoyed this book but it was a struggle. Nihal was a brat and a very selfish girl, however, she was a great at what she did. What I really didn’t like was how whenever she cried she got what she wanted. Yes, her skills was on point and she used them but when it came to the people that cared for her she would cry (not purposely) and they would give her what she wanted. All I kept thinking was “There is no crying in baseball.”

Also Nihal was very selfish and I feel like if you are going to write about a powerful woman warrior she should be realistic and not take advantage of people and their emotions. The ending of this book thru me off and I was upset.

However, I thought the story was well written although, I feel like the author was trying to cover all ground and leave nothing left untouched, which caused the thrill of the story to dull down.

I also think the “romance” aspect of this book was lame and it was better off not happening. I also think the “love triangle” was completely unnecessary and did nothing for Nihal. I was actually a bit disappointed by it.

Overall, 2.5 Pickles.


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