NetGalley Review: The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion

Text Publishing Company  Published Sept. 24, 2014 411 Pages
Text Publishing Company
Published Sept. 24, 2014
411 Pages

If you remember back in the day, I had the extreme honor to interview Graeme Simsion. If you didn’t catch it, read it here. Also read the review for The Rosie Project here.

Don and Rosie are married now and have moved to NYC. No longer are the pre-planned days of sex and food and Don is as antsy as ever. 

To make matters more complicated Rosie is pregnant. Not knowing how to cope with this information, Don tries any and everything to prepare for fatherhood.

But in the process he is in danger of losing his professional career and most importantly Rosie. 

I loved the first book. I thought it was the most adorable thing I have ever read. So when I hear that there would be a second book, I jumped on it as fast as I can.

This book was exactly to be expected. Don freaking out. But it was an overkill.

What I liked about this book was Don and Rosie. They both stayed true to their characters (from the first book) but with slight changes. I liked the fact that the book had a great pace without too many highs and too many lows.

What I didn’t like about the book was the fact that everything was done to the 10th power when it came to Don. It was as if the lesson he learned from the first book as in regard to his feelings for Rosie stopped existing once he found out she was pregnant. I felt that it was too much too technically that it took the flair away from the book.

Boring? No. Did it stall? Yes. I liked the fact that the author was able to draw emotions from a man who tries to stay as logical as possible.

Overall, I don’t think this was a bad book two but I would have been okay with just one book.

2.5 Pickles.

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