NetGalley Review: Unborn by Amber Lynn Natusch

47 North Published August 26, 2014 256 Pages
47 North
Published August 26, 2014
256 Pages

Khara has lived her life in the Underworld; she is the adopted daughter of Hades. But when she is suddenly ripped from her home, she has no idea why is above ground or who she is anymore.

When an immortal warrior finds Khara in a back alley in Detroit, he, along with his brothers, swear loyalty and an oath to protect her. Khara needs to find the truth about why she was taken from home and why is she the most person in the supernatural world now. 

I cannot stand horrible lead characters. Khara is lifeless and knows absolutely nothing.  This is extremely surprising considering that she lived her whole life in the Underworld and for the most part of the book, she describes how she had to learn how to adapt.

Apparently hiding is more her thing that actually fighting for herself. I couldn’t enjoy this book or the story it was trying to tell.

Two reasons: the surrounding characters were extremely vague and lacked a personality that didn’t involve being completely obsessed with protecting Khara. There was no real attachment to the warriors even the “love interest.”

Secondly, Khara was so one note and submissive that she dragged the story along. There is really nothing more that can be said about that.

I wanted to like this book because I love the spin of mythology this author was trying to add. But it wasn’t enough to grip the story nor was the characters any goo really.

Overall 1 Pickle.

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