Book Review: Bird by Crystal Chan

Atheneum Books for Young Readers Published Jan. 28, 2014 304 Pages
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Published Jan. 28, 2014
304 Pages

So remember a far back, I interviewed Crystal Chan? If not read the interview first here. I finally was able to read her book and here is the review.

Jewel is born the day her brother Bird dies. She is constantly surrounded by the remembrance of his life and his death.

Unable to live as freely and lovingly, Jewel sneaks out her home at night to release frustrations. One night she meets a new boy (in the small town) named John and everything she wanted to come out does. 

This book moved me. Firstly I loved the fact that it was realistic without being too emotional. This was book wasn’t dripping with sadness. Yes, it was sad in a sense that a little girl feels unloved and a lack of support from her mother but the sadness didn’t make her who she was. It was part of her but Jewel was smart, responsible and observant of other feelings.

I liked how the story didn’t add a lot of nonsense to it.  There was a moment regarding Jewel’s new friend that I felt didn’t need to be there, in regards to his name, but that didn’t kill his character or the story-line.

This was a slow read but I didn’t mind too much because I liked Jewel so much and I needed to know how her family came together.

What I didn’t like about the book was the cliche of the lonely girl. I would have liked her to have someone that she can be completely truthful too. Although she was to a certain extent with the boy, I feel that her growth wasn’t as high as it should have been at the end of the book.

I also felt that the issue of being bi-racial wasn’t as big as I though it would be in this book. Yes, there are difficulties but it seemed more within family than with people who are outsiders.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad read and I would recommend it for those who are into realistic coming of age novels.

4 Pickles.

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