Book Review: Fiendish by Brenna Yovanoff

Razorbill  Published July 31, 2014 352 Pages
Published July 31, 2014
352 Pages

Clementine was raised in a town where the people hate magic . .  fiendish as they call them. But when she was seven, Clementine was locked in a cellar, bind by magic.

Ten years later, Clementine is freed by a boy, who carries a deadly power, that the townsfolk fear.

Now free to live and do as she pleases, Clementine is set to find out why she was trapped, by whom and what does the Hollow, a dwelling place for fiends, want with her. 

This cover screams creepy mess. It screams anger house, anger myths and heartbreak. But the book screams entitled 17-year-old who has her priorities all wrong.

Clementine doesn’t understand why things are the way they are. So she decided to impose her own thoughts and emotions on to everyone around her and then feel some type of way when they do not conform to what she wanted.

She was very childish and felt that her way was the right way no matter what. Also for the majority of the book all she cared about was a boy (SURPRISE). This made the book very difficult to read because when Clementine was found there was creepiness to it, there was a horror to it but then it ended very fast.

When things began to pick up, I completely lost interest. The writing, which wasn’t bad was focused not on the mystery but on the romance, which wasn’t what I wanted to read.

Overall, 2 Pickles.

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