NetGalley Review: Handpicked by Dani Oden

Published Aug. 5, 2014
Published Aug. 5, 2014

Jill Holloway isn’t one of those stuck up girls at the sorority rush but despite that she gets caught up in the sisterhood despite the uneasiness she feels. 

Wasting no time, Jill begins looking for the truth and soon finds a secret so big it can bring the whole sorority down. Fearing for her life as well as her future in the sisterhood, Jill pushes forward to discover the truth in hopes that no one will push back.

This book was okay. It was only okay because it was misleading and boring.

Jill isn’t a loaner. She and her best friend from high school goes to the same college and ends up joining the same sorority.  Jill’s best friend has issues and doesn’t even feel like a best friend; just a know it all who can’t get rid of Jill.

I didn’t really enjoy Jill’s character. She was a pretty normal girl; a freshman in college  but something about her just didn’t sit with me. Maybe she was too normal or too nosy but I felt that if she wasn’t the main character she would not be missed.

The story was misleading in the sense that there was all of this build up but it really explode like expected. Also the fear that Jill had seemed to be a load of crap because if you are fearful of your life you wouldn’t sleep in the same house of someone you think will kill you.

There was too much down time; too much lets play it cool and not enough tension or mystery for the most part. Can I say I expected the outcome? No. But the ending felt as if the author just wanted to finish the book.

Overall, the book would have been better if there was more action, more secrets, and less downtime. 2 Pickles

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