NetGalley Review: The Hidden Blade by Sherry Thomas

Self Published Published July 20, 2014 350 Pages
Self Published
Published July 20, 2014
350 Pages

A young girl living in blissful ignorance during the last days of the imperial Peking, gets a rude awakening when she finds out she is the bastard of a English devil and a Chinese courtesan. What life is there for her? The only choice is to become a expert in martial arts which will help her gain her independence. 

A young boy living in England world changes when his family is torn apart due to the unexpected death of his father. Imprisoned in his own home by his uncle, he must find a way to escape and find his friend who is somewhere in China.

Little do they know, their lives are intertwined and change is the least of their worries.

This book gets a A for effort. But other than that I wasn’t too pleased with this read.

My biggest issue with this book was how slow it was. There is really nothing to say after that. It was very slow and that slowness in the story dipped into the personalities of the characters. They both were brats and felt not only entitled but they also were know it alls.

I could not stand either one of them however, I wanted to know more about where they end up which is why I kept reading.  I liked how the author drew me in with just a hint of what to come.

But ultimately that couldn’t save this book. Even the romance part of it . . .  just couldn’t save it.

Overall, this read was eh. 2 Pickles

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