Book Review: Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Disney Hyperion  Published April 10, 2014 384 Pages
Disney Hyperion
Published April 10, 2014
384 Pages

Samantha and her best friend Cassie disappeared together. Samantha came back alone with no memory of who she is, who she was, what happened and how long she has been gone.

So Sam tries to put the pieces of her old life back together but quickly realizes that she hates her old self and doesn’t want to go back to it. While trying to make amends for those her old self didn’t care for, Sam has decided to find Cassie and what really happened on the night they disappeared. 

What a wonderful surprise!

Samantha is a decent character. I liked how she took a stand (after a while) against what she felt was wrong and didn’t just go with it until the end of the book. I like how although she didn’t know who she was, she wasn’t completely lost in who she was. I really loved how the author gave her a sense of direction despite the memory lost.

I also liked the supporting characters to a certain degree. Her old friends played the villains and her new friends played the heroes but each group was holding out on her badly. One more thing: loved the relationship between Sam and her brother. It grew and I was completely happy it wasn’t the pretend hate you see in most teen novels.

The story itself was a great concept and it began to get creepy when Sam began seeing things and receiving notes. But that is where the creepiness ends. I expected more suspense in this story but it was  a lot of ‘lets not tell her what happened before she left’. The book slowed down really fast and took too long to build up again. I appreciate the down time but I think it was too much.

Overall, I really enjoyed this read and this author. I have never read anything from her before and would like to read something else. 3 Pickles.




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