NetGalley Review: The Garden of Darkness by Gillian Murray Kendall

Ravenstone Published June 24, 2014 336 Pages
Published June 24, 2014
336 Pages

Four children are on a journey to survive after the world ends due to a deadly disease that has killed adults. Clare, 15 and Jem, 13 realize that their chances of getting the deadly disease is increasing due to their age. So they must find a cure.

But when an adult, who seems to be cured, offers them a chance to live safely with food and the cure for the disease (once it is activated), Clare and Jem must decide if this man is to be trusted or is there something more going on.

I couldn’t with this book. It was such a disappointment because it sounds wonderful and plus I really like the cover.

The book was slow and dragged too much for it being the end of the world. Not much happens to keep the attention going about 25% of the book a action scene happens but it didn’t feel real at all.

This book is about children surviving through the hardship and yet nothing moving, exciting was really going on. The “mysterious man” who wanted to have a house full of kids is the only interesting thing that keeps the book going. HOWEVER, it is not enough to save it.

Overall, I think the effort was a good shot but the book fell short. 2 Pickles

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