Book Review: Faelorehn (The Otherworld #1) by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

Self Published Published April 21, 2012 228 Pages
Self Published
Published April 21, 2012
228 Pages

Meghan Elam is a strange one and has been her entire life. Her eyes constantly change colors and she sees and hears things no one else can. When the voices become louder and the visions clearer, her parents begin sending her to doctors in hopes to try to clear their daughter.

But when Cade comes around and shows Meghan that she is not crazy but something different. Everything that Meghan has been doing to be normal comes to a screaming halt.

I love a good story about faeries. This was a decent story but not necessarily well written. So I am going to get to the point.

Meghan doesn’t develop at all through this story. When she realizes that she isn’t normal and that she is truly of  different kind she doesn’t really make the initiative to become proactive against those trying to kill her.

All she cares about is Cade and what Cade tells her to do and what he doesn’t tell her to do. This the first boy she has become infatuated with. This sure as crap isn’t love. Cade is barely in the picture. He is in and out her life on various assignments and to be honest he is sketchy and I really think he set her up.

Meghan was right not to trust him but pretty eyes stop her short -.-

The book moved very slow, which caused me to lose interest. I feel there was too much down time for a girl who is so important.

Overall, 2.5 Pickles

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