Book Review: One Past Midnight by Jessica Shirvington

Bloomsbury USA Childrens To Be Published July 22, 2014 352 Pages
Bloomsbury USA Childrens
To Be Published July 22, 2014
352 Pages

Sabine has two lives. Every 24 hours she “shifts” into her new life exactly where she left off. In one life she is the perfect daughter with perfect friends and boyfriend and in the other life she is a rebel. 

Sabine has everything under control but when she discovers a glitch in her both of her lives, her control begins to slip and things drastically changes.

I picked up this book because of two reason. The cover was beautiful and I liked the idea of two lives happening at the same time. It is a really cool time warp, two dimensions thing.

However, sad to say Ms. Jessica has delivered another book that I completely dislike.

Sabine is a decent character. She is smart and is able to handle herself pretty well. However, things start jacking up when she discovers a glitch and decides to test her theory. This turns out really bad for her and she can’t regain her footing after.

The book was slow however it was captivating. I really stuck through the book because I needed to know what happened at the end. But what the author did was really rude. Not only did Sabine “fall in love” with her “doctor” in a psych ward after barely a two weeks but his random death was the climax of the story.


I kid you not. I felt the author was insulting my intelligence, imagination and everything in between. To add more depth to the character you create a love that has no chemistry and for all purpose of the word, seems forced. But hold on that is in one life.

In the second life, to show that not all is what it seems you have an attempted rape, have the victim pity the attacker AND have her friends abandon her. BUT!!!! All is okay because the guy that passed away in the first life is alive in the second life -_-

I’m done. No ratings.

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