NetGalley Review: Sinner (The Wolves of Mercy Falls #3.5) by Maggie Stiefvater

Scholastic Press Published July 1, 2014 368 Pages
Scholastic Press
Published July 1, 2014
368 Pages

Cole St. Clair is back in L.A. If you read the first three Mercy Falls novel, you would know that Cole was a former rock star, drug addict who lost it all. 

But now he is back in L.A. with a purpose . . . to get his life back on track and for Isabel. But Isabel knows the real Cole, she knows his secrets. Can they make it together or or will their love be a one hit wonder (hahahaha)?

I love me some Maggie Stiefvater. She is a talented writer and I completely loved the Mercy Falls series (Shiver, Linger, Forever). However, with this read I felt some type of way.

This is a love story about redemption, trust and acceptance. This is about Cole getting his life together and Isabel trusting him and herself.

This book felt forced from the beginning. For a man that can change into a wolf, I thought it would cause a lot more drama in this book. Nope. I thought there would be more thrills and more emotion. But Cole, as in the series, was an emotionally detached man and if you didn’t really know him, you would believe that that is all he is.

I can’t say I really like Cole or Isabel. There was too much back and forth in their “relationship.” For most of the book, Cole wasn’t giving Isabel everything and then towards the end of the book Isabel was the one pushing away. I felt that this was written to prolong the book.

Isabel wanted Cole and Cole wanted Isabel but Cole had a lot more issues than Isabel and she wasn’t the greatest supporter or the most understanding either. She threw a lot of fits, which made her seem very immature and a bit ridiculous.  I understand being scared about love but she was just weird.

What I liked about the book was Ms. Maggie’s writing style. It was engaging, the story was told from both points of view and it had a focus. But the book was a bore, there was really no emotional connect between Cole and Isabel like in the series and I feel she wrote the book to give fans what they wanted; not because she felt the need to write it.

Overall: 2.5 Pickles

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