NetGalley Review: The Broken Heart Diet by Tom Formaro

Tramonto Press Published June 1, 2014 296 Pages
Tramonto Press
Published June 1, 2014
296 Pages

San Francisco chef Dante Palermo just lost the love of his life (she dumped him), lost 25 pounds and is having to deal with a not so silent partner for his new restaurant. 

As his career reaches new heights his personal life keeps taking a downfall and with the help of his friends and the spirit of his grandmother maybe Dante will be able to cure his broken heart.

I am up in the air with this book. On one hand it is such a cute read but then on the other hand it is extremely predictable and it lacked flavor.

Dante was very emotional throughout the entire book. I believe he was more emotional regarding his love life than his food which wasn’t as predominate in this book as I thought. To be fair I was comparing it to “Like Water for Chocolate” by Laura Esquivel.  I just felt that since Dante was a chef and his cooking was a big focus in this book more recipes would be spoken of in the book. I am not saying to write a recipe for me to cook but I wish the cooking had more focus than Dante crying.

What I did like about the book was the reality of it. Granted it did have the spirit of Dante’s grandmother speaking to him in some scenes but the heartfelt was real, the pain and the depression was real as well. This made the book very easy to relate to.

However, the emotional aspect of the book made it relate-able but how Dante handle his restaurant didn’t. The man was an emotional wreck and cared more about his personal life than his restaurant. His friends took care of it. This part bothered me. I understand that when you are dealing with a heartbreak that is the most important thing but I was expecting different with this book and yes, I would have been expecting different if the main character was a female.

I also didn’t like the predictability in this book. I knew the ending right at the middle of the book. Overall, I did enjoy this read but I wanted more out of it. 3 Pickles.

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