NetGalley Review: Unwept (The Nightbirds #1) by Tracy Hickman and Laura Hickman

Tor Books To Be Published July 1, 2014 272 Pages
Tor Books
To Be Published July 1, 2014
272 Pages

Gamin, Maine is a remote seaside town in which Ellis Harkington has returned. Ellis has no memory of who she is or her memories of Gamin due to a unknown accident but everyone in town knows who she is or who she was. 

Ellis is trying to get her memory back in a town that offers no answers willingly. With no one to trust not even her own cousin or the Nightbirds, a group of men and women that claim Ellis as one of them, Ellis must figure out the mystery of the town, what happened to her and why she wanted to forget.

Firstly, isn’t that cover beautiful! I can tell you now that is exactly why I wanted to read this book. But despite the beautiful cover, the book was not my cup of tea.

The beginning of the book was the best part of the book. It was creepy, descriptive and left a lot to my imagination. It was such a high starting point that I was disappointed that by chapter 14 nothing was really going on.

Ellis wasn’t as detective as I thought she would. She was for the most part obedient and very “eh.” She wasn’t a spectacular character which was sad because her back-story had a lot of potential for her to be great. I didn’t feel that Ellis was very motivated to find the truth.

The writing itself was boring. The story stalled. You can really tell when the book shifts to a different author because there are a few parts that make you think ‘Hey! Now we are getting somewhere.’ But then it would stop.

I was really disappointed in this book because the beginning was perfect. Overall, this effort gets 2 Pickles

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