NetGalley Review: FanGirl_15 by Aimee Roseland

To Be Published July 8, 2014
To Be Published July 8, 2014

Chloe is in love with a fictional character. His name is Lucien and he is part of the Dark Riders series written by her favorite author.

But the problem (other than the love of her life isn’t in reality) is that the author died and there will no longer be a eight book. Completely devastated, Chloe has a mental breakdown at work and falls asleep in the lounge. 

When leaving the office and walking through the parking lot at midnight, Chloe gets hit with a supernatural force that transports her in a alternate reality in which the characters of her book are very much alive.

Determined to give the story a proper ending, Chloe has made it her mission to make things right and that includes not giving into her tempting Lucien.

This book was great. From the time I started it I couldn’t stop laughing at how serious Chloe felt towards her characters. Listen I have been emotional over characters and freak out a bit but Chloe was WOW!

But don’t take it as if I didn’t like her. I liked Chloe because she was true to the book. She was witty and sarcastic but other than that there was no real personality to her. She lived and breathed that series.  I felt that Chloe should have been more developed.

However, that didn’t deter me away from the book. What I liked about the story was the fact that it was just cute. There wasn’t a lot of back-story for the characters that Chloe loves and I understand why. But I didn’t feel anything for them at all. But the enthusiasm Chloe felt to get the story done in the “right” way was contagious. The energy in this story was very high which made for a quick fun read.

What I didn’t like about the story was the relationship between Chloe and Lucien. It was very childish. The I want you but can’t have you the I am going to throw a fit because I don’t she wants me; that right there made me believe that Chloe and Lucien were more teenagers than grown men and women. I felt that there wasn’t a developed romance between the two and there no steam or chemistry.  I didn’t see or even feel it until the end of the novel.

Overall, 3 Pickles.

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