Fairy Tale Book Review: A World Without Princes (The School for Good and Evil #2) by Soman Chainani

HarperCollins Published April 15, 2014 453 Pages
Published April 15, 2014
453 Pages

If you haven’t read book one or checked out my review for it; click HERE

Agatha and Sophie are back home but Agatha isn’t happy with the ending she chose. So she makes a wish that causes the girls to go back to The School for Good and Evil only things have changed drastically and Sophie’s life is at stake.

Evil is no longer the enemy of Good and Princes are no longer needed for a happy ending. Agatha and Sophie now must try to restore peace without damaging everything they fought for.

The interesting this about book two was it felt more of a feminist book. The entire issue throughout the book was Agatha didn’t want to lose her best friend at the same time she wanted to be with her prince (ya know the one she denied the final kiss).

I felt that indirectly this book was about female empowerment and how women can do without men HOWEVER there are a bit of a issue when you actually want a man around. But beyond that the book picked up right where it left off and it didn’t stall on the action UNTIL they ladies got back to school. At that point things got very complicated and very boring.

I have two issues with the book it was long and there was a lot of back and forth with who is the real enemy. But overall, I loved the ending and actually pretty excited to read the third book. 4.5 Pickles


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