Quick Five© with Brynn Chapman

Courtesy of Brynn Chapman
Courtesy of Brynn Chapman

Name: Brynn Chapman

Who is Brynn? Science lover who writes fiction and non-fiction

Twitter: @rrsmythe

Website:  http://brynnchapmanauthor.com

Books:When Bluebirds Fly, Boneseeker, The Bride of Blackbeard, Project Mendel, A Circle of Crows, Rule of Three, Requiem Red

Buy: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Due to her family experiences with Asperger’s syndrome,  author Chapman shows her knowledge of the condition within her books as well as an overall love for science. Although she does write non-fiction books, her fiction novels are just as passionately romantic as they are scientific. In an time where science fiction, romance and a hint of mystery is #winning, reading Chapman’s books will not disappoint.


Enjoy this Quick Five© with Brynn Chapman.

What are the key components to making a great mystery novel? Why are they important?

I actually consider myself primarily a fantasy writer–but i think my challenge with mystery–is I either reveal too little or too much. I rely on my agent and first readers to help me find somewhere in the middle.


How easy or hard has it been to tie in your love of science into your fiction novels? Do you feel that using science is what makes you stand out as a writer?

No, it is who I am, so it comes out in every story. I think I see things in my own, particular perspective–but I know many who use science..they are usually MY favorite writers as well.

What inspired your latest book “Boneseeker”?

I love The Sherlock canon and all the adaptations. And the ‘what if’. Sherlock had difficulty fitting in socially in his time period. How much more difficult would it be for a brilliant young woman, in society so set in values and the woman’s role.

Why did you choose to write Young Adult books as compared to Adult fiction?

I do write both…but I just believe my voice is somewhere in the young adult-new adult-crossover range. *shrugs


Finally, what mark would you like to leave on the literary world?
I really just want people to identify with my characters. To give them a break from their everyday life, and wish to return to my stories.

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