Book Review: The Unfairest of Them All (Ever After High #2) by Shannon Hale

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers Published March 25, 2014 336 Pages
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Published March 25, 2014
336 Pages

All chaos has broken loose since Raven refused to sign the book on Legend Day. Apple is trying to convince Raven to take it back and make the pledge while also trying to keep the peace between the royals and the rebels.

When Maddie (Madeline) Hatter of Wonderland gets into some trouble it is up to Raven, Apple, the royals and the rebels to make things right and save the day.

I am completely in love with this series. What was great was the fact it picked up where the first book left off. Raven still holding her ground and wanting to change her destiny, Apple being the perfect girl she is trying not to have a break down and trying to have everyone keep their cool. Maddie is still mad.

There wasn’t too much flashback from the first book which I appreciated because it allowed the story to move forward at a steady pace. There was room for other character spotlights and room for development to a certain extent.

Raven can become a powerful witch but she associates being a witch evil which in fairy tales isn’t always the case. I feel that she understood that at the end of the story but she was very reluctant and I agree with her mother .  . . Raven plays dumb a lot which was completely annoying. She wanted things handed to her and would seem extremely reluctant to put in work that involved her actually using her powers.

Apple was like-able because she grew up and realized that not everyone was black and white. She was reluctant to try new things but she did. Yes, to protect her motives to become Snow White but that is okay because she was honest with herself.

There was constant movement through the book. The only downfall I can see is the true motives behind the headmaster was reveled. There actually was no mention to that at all. Overall this book gets 4 Pickles. I am looking forward to the third book.

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