Adult Only Book Review: The Mistress of Night and Dawn by Vina Jackson

Open Road Media Romance  To Be Published June 3, 2014 354 Pages
Open Road Media Romance
To Be Published June 3, 2014
354 Pages

I received this book via NetGalley in exchanged for an honest review*

Aurelia has grown up being haunted by her parent’s death. She lives with her God-Parents when on her 18th birthday, she meets a man who turns her out. However this man comes and goes as fast as her next breathe.

When a unknown benefactor offers Aurelia more money than she has ever has, she goes to America with her best friend Siv to enjoy a year off before going to school.

While in America, she comes across this ball that has been held for centuries not realizing that she is about to open the door to something she is completely unprepared for. 

This wasn’t a bad book. But it also wasn’t a book for me. What I loved about this book was the author painted a very pretty picture. I loved the intimacy she wrote about. It was detailed and romantic. I appreciated that and it made the book worth continuing. However, I was taken back by Aurelia. She was an extremely sexual person and I was taken back by that. She was so willing for a 18-year-old virgin. Like her arousal was so strong it was hard for me to believe that she was never with anyone in any form.

What I didn’t like about the book was the connection between Aurelia and her best friend Siv. The little back-story the author did give about how they became friends didn’t add any emotion to their friendship. It was boring and lack luster. Siv was a hornball and didn’t care how it went she was always game. Aurelia sat there and just let her do what she wanted at one point she even watched Siv have sex. To me they weren’t really friends but just two people that happened to get stuck together.

I also thought Aurelia as a character lacked which surprised me because there was such great detail in the scenery and the sex that it felt like the author just wrote characters just to be there. I also thought it was really weird how the summary state Aurelia was haunted by her parents, that was not true for half of the book. As a reader you know what happens to the parents but Aurelia doesn’t mention her parents . . .  Siv does.

I was disappointed with that aspect because I was expecting more of a story around her parents with of courses lots of sex.

Again this wasn’t a bad story but it lacked passion, a bigger story than a stupid friend and a mysterious guy that knows how to turn on a girl. Overall this story gets 2.5 pickles. 


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