Book Review: The Year of Shadows by Claire Legrand

Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers Published Aug. 27, 2013 416 Pages
Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
Published Aug. 27, 2013
416 Pages

Life couldn’t get much worst for Olivia Stellatella. Her mother left her, her father and Grandmother. Her neglectful father, a maestro of a failing orchestra moved her and her Grandmother in the broken down concert hall to save money. Her only friend is a cat named Igor.

However, although Olivia can’t believe her situation, things get more complicated when she meets four ghost who have asked for her help to cross over. 

So with the help of the most popular boy in school, who also happens to work at the concert hall, Olivia makes it her mission to help the ghost. But when helping the dead, life itself becomes deadly.

I loved this book the moment it started. The author did  a great job of reeling me in and keeping me there. When the story opens, you’re with Olivia as she moves into her new home. There is no horrible, boring lead up to the action. You know about Olivia’s past (or at least the important parts) in the beginning of the book as well as throughout the book. That reminded me and it could have been a reminder to Olivia why the way she was.

I also liked the fact that Olivia wasn’t necessarily a emotionally withdrawn girl. She had feelings and although a lot of it was anger, she was able to express herself as well as hide them if need be. Another thing I liked was the fact that she grew as a character throughout the book. In the beginning she didn’t want to get close to people outside of her Grandmother but she grew to accept love and I really appreciate that especially since she is such a young character.

The only flaw I have with this book is it was long. No it didn’t feel dragging nor did it feel like the author was reaching. However, I noticed the length of the book because that is just my pet peeve.

Overall this book gets 4.5 Pickles

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